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  Computer and Electronics Recycling Event

** Tube TV’s and CRT monitors will have a $20.00 / each charge

    Brown County Solid Waste and Technology Recyclers will be hosting a Free Recycling Event at: 

                  176 Old SR 46  Nashville, IN  47448

Event at far back of the property.


  When: Saturday May 18th, 2019

8:00 am – Noon


Simply load up all of your items into your car and drive by; we will help you unload your vehicle. To keep the items out of landfills, we properly, ethically, morally and safely recycle your items. We do Guarantee Data Destruction of all hard drives, which exceeds the Department of Defense’s standards.  Technology Recyclers is a R2 certified company, guaranteeing data destruction on all devices. We destroy data to exceed all government, DoD, HIPAA and FERPA standards.



Most items are NO Charge

**Tube TV’s and CRT monitors will have a $20.00 charge per item that will be collected before item will be taken.   

  CRT monitors   **

     Tube TV’s **                                     LCD displays

  Computers                                        Printers

  Laptops                                             Fax machines

  Office Copiers                                  Connectors

  UPS equipment                                PDAs

  Industrial Electronics                        Consumer Electronics including DVD Players, Stereos, Radios, Calculators

  Speakers                                          Telecommunication Equipment

  Audio Video Equipment                    Cell Phones

  VCRs                                                Television Production Equipment

  Cables                                              IT equipment including hubs, switches, servers, routers, racks etc…

  Medical Electronics                          Satellite TV Equipment

  Printed circuit boards                       Microwave Ovens

  Lead acid Batteries                           Electrical equipment

  Laboratory equipment                      Most all small appliances and items that have cords and plug in

  Other loose batteries (we do take the batteries within the electronics)

Appliances, wiring cable, anything that ever plugged in.



**Items that are NOT accepted include: paint, toxic chemicals, furniture, wood, tires and clothing.


For more information please contact: Phil Stephens at (812) 988-0140

  Dale Needleman at 317-697-0536 or Dale@tech-recyclers.com

333 S. Franklin Road Indianapolis, IN 46219

Shredding Event

                     176 Old SR 46  Nashville, IN  47448

Event front parking lot of the property.


  When: Saturday May 18th, 2019

9:00 am – Noon

FREE SERVICE....Donations will be accepted.

FREE Appliance/Scrap Metal Recycling-During 
                             Operating Hours- 
                      TUES-FRI. 8 AM TO 4 PM     
Freon removal fee $15, for appliances containing Freon.  
Refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners and dehumidifiers all contain Freon.

Need help getting your tires here?
Schedule a FREE pick-up
call 812-988-0140
Pick-up on first call basis!
Friday June 28  - Scheduled pick-ups
Sat. June 29  - You bring to us
8am to NOON
far back of property follow signs
       cars  & light truck           FREE                $1.00 with Rim
             Bus                               FREE                           $5.00     
      Truck                            $6.00                     $10.00 
                      Semi              $6.00                       $10.00
Farm Tractor                         $10.00                   $15.00

The Recycle Center
Tuesday-Friday from 8 am - 4 pm
except Special Events




Special Events at the Recycling Center