Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Wastes  (HHW) have at least one of the following characteristics: ignitability, corrosivity, chemical reactivity, or toxicity. HHW items include oil based paint, gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides, wed killers, some cleaners, used motor oil, antifreeze, pool chemicals, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, photographic developer chemicals, solvents, and much, much more. If these materials are not properly used or disposed of, they can damage our air, water, and land and can endanger human health.

There is a safe and way to dispose of these unwanted materials. 

You MUST talk with our office staff !  812-988-0140.   

You can not just leave these items! 


But before you buy products, plan your needs carefully, and don’t buy more than you need. Be sure to use non-toxic alternatives whenever possible. Use baking soda instead of harsh cleansers, vinegar or club soda for stain removal, Borax for bleaching and disinfecting, vinegar for lime removal, etc.

Household Batteries:  See Battery Disposal Information.

We accept rechargeable batteries only such as; cell phone, camera, laptops, tools. Due to a change in the DOT’s (Department of Transportation) regulations, we are forced to stop accepting household alkaline batteries for recycling. We will only accept household rechargeable batteries. To prevent fires, each battery to be recycled will need to be placed into a small plastic bag to keep the terminal on the battery from contacting any metal object or the terminals of another battery.

Alkaline batteries can be placed into your household trash. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Latex Paint: Remove lid, place in well ventilated area and add cat litter or dry leaves to dry out remaining paint.  Properly dispose of dried, solidified paint can be placed into your household trash.  Thoroughly emptied cans are accepted at the Recycle Center. 

Medical Waste: Bandages and dressings  may be put into empty plastic laundry detergent bottles. Cap, tape around cap, and placed in your household trash. 

N0 SHARPS OR NEDDLES  Please call for advisement.