Drive-Thru Recycling


Only accepting trash that has our paid stickers on them.

The Drive Thru at the Recycle Center will not be operating effective Tuesday March, 17th. This is for the safety of our employees. Our contingent plans are to re-open it to the public Tuesday, March 31st. We will evaluate on a week by week basis. Please use the 24/7 outside bins. Outside of that the Recycle Center will operate as usual. If anyone has stickered bagged trash please call us at 988-0140 to arrange disposal.

Fast, safe and convenient … there is nothing simpler that drive-thru recycling:

  • Signs will lead you to the back of the building, which is the Recycling Center Entrance. You will be driving through the building! 
  • Enter the drive-thru slowly. 
  • Stop your vehicle and turn off the engine. 
  • The Recycling Center Employees will ask you where your recyclables are (your trunk, on the back seat.)   Tell them if you want to keep the boxes and bags you (most likely) brought your recyclables in. 
  • Wait in your vehicle while your recyclables are placed in the recycling bins. If you have items properly separated and sorted, it doesn't take long. 
  • No more getting out in the cold or rainy weather to recycle.
  • Just be sure to look both ways as you exit the building. 
  • Stop by and visit us often!!  
  • Bring the whole family and don't forget the pets - we have gourmet doggie treats from Nashville's own Bone Appetit!

The Recycling Center is a frequent stop for Brown Countians who like to save money and divert materials from landfills.

Here is a list of items accepted at the recycling center. For more detailed information about these items see 'What and Where to Recycle'.

  • Cardboard 
  • Brown, Clear and Green Glass Bottles 
  • Magazines 
  • Metal Food / Beverage Cans - Please rinse 
  • Newspaper 
  • #1 (PETE) Plastic (this includes clamshell containers)
  • #2 (HDPE) Plastic (this includes yogurt, cottage cheese type containers and all lids) please remove lids before recycling.

These items are accepted exclusively at the Drive-Thru:

  • Antifreeze
  • Books both hardback and paperback
  • Foam peanuts, bubble wrap, egg cartons - You can also pick these up for your own use!
  • Household batteries-Non Alkaline
  • Motor oil and oil filters
  • Mixed office paper and junk mail
  • Phone books
  • Scrap metal 
  • Eyeglasses
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Foil and foil pie pans