County Ordinances

In 1995 Brown County adopted open dumping and open burning ordinances that closely mirror Indiana’s dumping and burning laws. Contact our office for further information regarding those ordinances, 812-988-0140.

Healthy alternatives to disposing of yard waste should always be considered before burning. It is better to compost, recycle, and reuse yard waste rather than burn it.

Don’t leave yard waste for your trash hauler, unless he is properly disposing of the waste. According to Federal and State law, yard waste is no longer allowed in landfills, because it can decompose faster outside of a landfill, and won’t take up precious landfill space. Brown Countians have started using other innovative ways to deal with it including:

  • Designate an area on your property as a branch or tree composting area and pile up branches in one location.
  • Sprinkle limbs throughout unused wooded areas, on your own property, to promote natural decomposition.
  • Submerge larger branches or parts of trees in your own pond to create fish habitats.
  • Ask a neighbor to use their composting area if there isn’t any room on yours. Remember, it is illegal to dump anything on someone else’s property without permission.
  • Chip branches and use the mulch on gardens.

These alternatives will keep Brown County safe and beautiful!